Frequently Asked Questions

Will I pay a fee?

NO! There are no charges of any kind to the applicant for having MyStaf find them a job.

Do you offer long term full time jobs?

The majority of the orders we get from our business clients are what we refer to as “Temp to Hire”. These are full time; long term jobs where employees work on the MyStaf payroll for a period of time, usually 90 days, then if they like the job and the client likes them, they roll onto the client’s payroll and become one of their employees.

Are there ever jobs with benefits?

Many of the jobs MyStaf fills are with companies with extensive benefit plans. Once an employee rolls onto that company’s payroll they become eligible for those benefits

Must I accept every assignment?

No. One of the advantages of being a temporary is the flexibility of your work schedule to suit your convenience. When you accept an assignment, however, we depend on you to fulfill your commitment. Jobs vary from one to two days…a week or two…or long term full time jobs.

What about salary?

You are paid on a weekly basis at an hourly rate generally determined by the client company, depending on your experience and the skills required for the job.

Where will I work?

We try to assign you to companies always considering your personal preferences for hours and locations as well as your skill set.

How often will I work?

That depends on four factors: your skill set, how readily we can reach you when work is available, your flexibility and your performance on job assignments.

How far in advance are assignments confirmed?

We will give you as much notice as the customer gives us…usually a day or more. Occasionally, customers may call us the same day that they need help; so we may ask you to work on short notice at such times.