Maintenance Worker

Pay: $10.00-$12.50/hour, depending on experience

Hours: Monday-Friday

 Responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, and amount of work performed.
 Open building and report any security or maintenance issues to supervisor.
 Hang and lower flag.
 Complete minor work orders to include electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work. Notify supervisor when a contractor is required.
 Assist patients in wheelchairs.
 Move furniture and assist with relocation of offices.
 Perform equipment PM’s as needed.
 Perform housekeeping and safety audits.
 Salt and clean sidewalks and front entrances of ice and snow.
 Periodically check restrooms during the day, ensuring supplies of paper towels and toilet paper are sufficient – clean if needed.
 Ensure safety issues are promptly brought to supervisor’s attention. Monitor fire extinguishers.
 Remove trash to dumpsters.
 Keep inventory of laundry and housekeeping supplies and place orders as needed.

 High school diploma or GED.
 Ability to safely use tools and other maintenance-related equipment.
 One to two years of experience in facility maintenance.
 Must be detail oriented and self-motivated.

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